What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living provides a comfortable environment with programs and services designed to maximize independence and quality of life, and may be ideal for individuals who wish to remain independent, but need some help with daily living. Seniors who choose Assisted Living enjoy an independent lifestyle with assistance customized to meet their needs, benefits that enrich their lives, as well as promote well-being and family connectedness. Assisted Living promotes independence and dignity for each resident and encourages the involvement of each resident, their family and friends. At Holdrege Memorial Homes, resident care plans are created and reviewed on a regular basis with the involvement of the resident, family members and key staff members to ensure the appropriateness of the direction, scope and degree of the services being provided. Staff is available to meet both scheduled and unscheduled needs.

All Assisted Living services at Holdrege Memorial Homes are planned with the understanding that resident’s individual needs can change over time. In planning and providing services, we consider the unique interests, abilities and overall health status of the each resident. Residents are always encouraged to perform as many of their activities of daily living as they are able to. All services are provided in an environment that respects individuality, privacy and choices. Activities involve education and entertainment as well as opportunities to meet new friends by encouraging social interaction. Residents are routinely informed of activities including their time and location, and are encouraged to participate in activities of interest to them.

Who lives in Assisted Living?

Currently, over a million people live in Assisted Living facilities throughout the United States. Residents are generally seniors who no longer wish to continue the responsibilities of maintaining a home, and are looking for companionship, social interaction and security.

How do I choose which Assisted Living facility is right for me or my loved one?

Holdrege Memorial Homes encourages all potential residents and their family member to come and tour our facility. It is important to meet the staff that will be providing services to you or your loved one, dine at the facility and meet some of the other residents.  If you are looking at multiple Assisted Living facilities for either you or your loved one be sure to ask yourself these questions while you are on your visit.

  1. Does the Assisted Living community have a good reputation in the area?
  2. Does the building make you feel at home?
  3. Are all of the costs discussed openly, and are there any hidden costs?
  4. Are you allowed to speak with the residents?
  5. Do the residents appear active, well-groomed and happy?
  6. Do you like the location? Is it convenient to your family, hospital, and physician?
  7. Do you know how the medication process works in the community?
  8. Does the facility have an RN on staff?
  9. Is the Assisted Living community actively involved with local churches and civic organizations?
  10. Did you like the dining experience, and did you enjoy the food?
Can Assisted Living residents come and go whenever they want?

Holdrege Memorial Homes Assisted Living residents are encouraged to enjoy their highest level of independence. Residents enjoy the freedom of not being tied down to daily chores and home maintenance, combined with the security of having access to 24-hour staffing if they need assistance. We do ask that our Assisted Living residents notify staff that they will be leaving the facility.

May I bring my own furnishings to my apartment?

Absolutely. This is your home and you should make it as comfortable and welcoming as you choose. Residents of Holdrege Memorial Homes enjoy decorating their own apartments and entrances to add their own unique personality to their homes.

Am I allowed to bring my pet?

Assisted Living residents at Holdrege Memorial Homes are allowed to bring their pets to live with them as long as the resident is fully able to care for it. Also, pets must be current on all of their vaccinations.

Is there a secure outside space for use by the residents?

Holdrege Memorial Homes does have green space for our residents to enjoy outdoor activities while remaining in a safe and secure environment.

Can I live in Assisted Living if I have a wheelchair, walker or just have difficulty walking?

Yes. At Holdrege Memorial Homes we strive to allow residents to remain in the independent setting of Assisted Living as long as possible. Unless you have unusual problems, which should be discussed with the Assisted Living Director, we accept and encourage people who need assistance with ambulation to live with us at Holdrege Memorial Homes.

Does this mean you can prevent my loved one from falling?

Unfortunately not. It is important to be aware that no Assisted Living facility or Nursing Home can prevent resident falls, which are regrettably part of the normal aging process and therefore a natural risk of living. While we staff caregivers 24-hours a day and provide as much care as possible to prevent falls, we cannot and do not provide one-on-one assistance or oversight 24-hours a day. Nor do we allow bed rails, which are considered a restraint. This means that there are times, whether in a resident’s room, bathroom or even in the common areas, when a resident may experience a fall.

Am I able to dine with my loved one who is a resident at Holdrege Memorial Homes?

Definitely. We love to have guests join our residents for meals. We do ask if you are planning on dining with us that you give 24 hour notice to the Holdrege Memorial Homes dietary staff.