Latest Projects

The Holdrege Memorial Homes Foundation is an active, thriving Foundation which supports the needs and projects of Holdrege Memorial Homes. Our latest projects have included the following:

  • Remodeling of the Assisted Living Dining Room
  • Purchase of a new van
  • Remodel of the South Lobby, Dining Room, Nurses Station, and South Entrance
  • Renovation of the Assisted Living Kitchenette
  • Remodel of the Resident Lounge in the South Hallway


Future Plans

Holdrege Memorial Homes has many plans for the future. We are continuing to strive to be the best we can in our field. To that end, some of our upcoming projects include:

  • Purchase a new Projector and Sound System for Assisted Living
  • Replace the windows in all resident rooms  
  • This year's Give2Grow project is to raise funds for the window replacement

You can donate to the Holdrege Memorial Homes Foundation in many ways. We accept donations on a regular basis, as well as participating in the annual “Give to Grow” donation event in conjunction with the Phelps County Community Foundation. If you would like more information on giving or estate planning, please visit with Lori Reiner our Foundation Director.