HMH "Captures the Moment" with a time capsule

Monday, September 17, 2018

HMH "Captures the Moment" with a time capsule

As part of Assisted Living Week's "Capture the Moment" theme, residents and staff of Holdrege Memorial Homes created and buried a time capsule.  Residents wrote personal Messages and the staff included a list of current events and current prices for goods such as groceries, gas, and the cost of a home.  The time capsule was sealed and will be opened on the 100th Anniversary of Holdrege Memorial Homes in October 2053.  Pictured in the photo above are, left to right, Dee Leff, Shirley Boehmer, Rosemary Reiter, Sandy Tilson, Harriet Meyers, John Ivey, Felicia Gonzalez, Glen Lindstrom, Merna Larson, Willie Barnes, Georgina Rademaker, Eleanor Thomsen, Kevin Moriarty, Lodema Ivey, Venla Bartels, Don Frisell, Lois Bergman, Lucille Smith, Andrea Ekberg, Erma Langenberg, Amanda Wishon, Mary Lou Ernst. 

In second photo - Amanda Wishon and Andrea Ekberg bury the Time Capsule.


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